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Our EPA approved equipment and technology of lightweight and durable design produces highly effective, dependable, green and powerful Smart E- Water Solutions. The Smart E-Water Disinfectant is a hypochlorous acid cleaning and sanitizing solution. Smart E-Water sodium hydroxide is an alkaline cleaner. These solutions, with no or minimal salt end product, can replace most, if not all, of the chemical cleaners and sanitizers currently used in your facility. Each product may be installed in any environment, from schools to gymnasiums to restaurants to medical facilities and even the home, depending upon the needs and size of the site.

The Smart E-Water 125

This system uses a modular system design to easily accommodate low and high volume requirements. The disinfectant contains a minimum of 125 ppm free active chlorine. Each solution is produced at approximately 6 gallons per hour. Available options include multiple bottle fill, mobile solution transport, remote storage, extension fill nozzle for floor cleaning equipment and more.

Dimensions: TBD
Weight: TBD
Gallons Per Hour: TBD
Voltage: TBD
Salt Usage:
Water Softener Included:

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The Smart Mini-200

This unit produces 6 gallons per hour of salt free Smart disinfectant and cleaner solutions. The disinfectant can be produced with free chlorine ranging from 125 to 250 ppm depending upon flow rates. Storage tanks are provided as options.

Dimensions: 19-5/8”High x 14-1/4”Wide x 7”Deep
Weight: Approximately 15lbs
Gallons Per Hour: 6 Gallons/Hr of each solution
Voltage: 115/230 VAC
Salt Usage:
Water Softener Included:

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Smart e-Water 1000

For large facility or institutional use, Smart can install systems capable of onsite generation of Smart Solutions with 2,000 to 50,00 ppm strength and a capacity of 10 to 100 gph.

Dimensions: 80”High x 160”Wide x 40”Deep
Weight: 1,700 lbs
Gallons Per Hour: Up to 200 gallons/Hr
Voltage: 208-240/1
Salt Usage (oz/gallon): <3.3
Water Softener Included: Yes

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